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Young Ladies Sunday School

If you are a woman between the ages of 19-29, you invited to join us as we begin a new series on personal holiness.

Calling All Graduates

If you are a TPHIM member and will be graduating or recently graduated with a High School, College or Technical School with a Degree, we would […]

Senior Summer Job Opportunity!!!

If you are a senior in high school from a low income household and are in need of a summer job, please contact TPHIM church office […]

Apr 24

Apr 24 “The Gospel” Pastor Joby Martin

Unity is a natural byproduct of the gospel! With this bold proclamation, Pastor Joby Martin and The Church of Eleven 22 joined the Potter’s House family […]

Apr 22

Apr 22 “Alright Let’s Go” Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin

A revolution is an overthrow of some oppression, government, or organization structure impeding the progress of the people.

Apr 19

Apr 19 “Can You See The Value Of The Vessel?” Apostle Willie Battles

In our post-modern and hedonistic society, people have little respect for the things of God.

Apr 17

Apr 17 “Family Impact Night: Temples Under Construction”

Many believers are unaware that our bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit and that we are not our own but have been bought with […]

Apr 15

Apr 15 “It’s The Little Things (the small foxes)” Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin

All of us have some ‘things’ in our lives that keep us in need of God’s grace and mercy. They are often little and seem insignificant, […]

Apr 12

Apr 12 “Others God Has Something Better For You” Minister Glenn Henderson

What draws God to “others” – those of us who may dwell in obscurity?