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Membership Development Class

Are you interested in becoming a member of TPHIM family? Membership Development classes are offered every Sunday at 8:30am and Wednesday at 6:30pm. m4s0n501

Week Of Valor

Mayor Alvin Brown and the City of Jacksonville will salute the service and sacrifice of our military men and women and their families,

Oct 24

Oct 24 “There Is Power In The Name Of Jesus” Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin

There is a battle that has been going on since the creation of man: the battle for the soul of man.

Oct 22

Oct 22 “Are You Under The Word Or In The Word?” Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin

There is a saying in the Church we hear far too often, “getting under the word.

Oct 19

Oct 19 ” Is God Good or What?” Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin

As God’s people, we should be satisfied with our daily provision from God and avoid yielding to the temptation to return to the world because we […]

Harvest Fall Festival

Harvest Fall Festival

Please come out and join us for our first Fall Festival on Friday, October 31st at 7:00pm in the TPHIM parking lot. Tailgating will start at […]

Oct 17

Oct 17 “I’m In The Right Hand” Bishop Wade McCrae

In this season of Re-Connection, we have to be sure of whose hand we are re-connecting to.

Oct 15

Oct 15 “The Power Of Re-Connection” Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin

Man was never meant to be alone. As Christians, we are joined together through Jesus Christ.