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School Of The Prophets

School Of The Prophets

The School of The Prophets is currently enrolling for our new class which begins December 3rd.  This is an 8 week session and is open to […]

Monday Night Prayer

You are encouraged to come out and meet with us on Monday nights from 7:00pm – 8:00pm.

Stay Connected With TPHIM

Want to stay connected!  Go to Google Play for your Android devices or iTunes for your Apple devices, type in TPHIM and download, install and get […]

Ladies Sunday School

The Ladies Sunday School class has been invited back to serve and prepare a meal at the Sulzbacher Homeless Center in January. 

Nov 20

Nov 20 “Prayer Altars Conference”

We all know how to pray. But a prayer altar is not just about praying or having quiet time. It is about seeking the presence of […]

Prayer, Fasting & Consecration

Prepare your hearts and minds for our upcoming 21 day fast. December 1st – 21st

Nov 18

Nov 18 “We’re All Role Models” Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin

God expects us to model ministry by being living examples or role models. A role model is a person whose behavior, example, or success is or […]

Nov 15

Nov 15 “Don’t Start Tripping Now!” Pastor Joshua Eggerson

In an insightful sports analogy of a three-time world champion player who gained his status not because of his skill level, but because he was on […]