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Feb 27 CFI UNITY Night

Feb 27 CFI UNITY Night “Don’t Lose It On The Trading Floor” Pastor Tom Deuschle

At times, we can be tempted to get things on our own, or to give credit to others that may help us. Pastor Tom Deuschle ministered […]

Family Financial Impact Workshop

The Potter’s House International Ministries presents a Family Financial Impact Workshop. March 21 – 22, 2015


We give honor and esteem highly our pastor, Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin as he celebrates 16 years in the office of a Bishop March 6th. We love […]

Covenant Fellowship International Spring Conference

“Featuring The Daughters Of CFI” “The Last Days – Acts 2:17” Please make a special effort and join us for the services listed below. m4s0n501

Feb 25

Feb 25 “I’m Looking For Some Troublemakers” Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin

In light of all that is going on in the world, God wants us to understand that we have to love our country, our city, and […]

Feb 22

Feb 22 “Love Your Neighbor With A Random Act Of Kindness” Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin

Altruism involves an action on the part of someone who is concerned about the welfare of another with no regard for their own interest or expecting […]

PHCA Annual Father Daughter Dance

The Potter’s House Christian Academy is hosting its Annual Father Daughter Dance Saturday, March 14th at 5:00pm in the Kingdom Plaza Mall Banquet Room.