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Covenant Fellowship International TPHIM Jacksonville

The Miss Charisma Pageant 2016 will be held in May and are accepting nominations and applications for young ladies ages 6 – 21. 

The Push Project

The “Push Project” (Positive Unity Strengthening Homes) is a program geared toward strengthening relationships in and outside of the four walls of the church. 

Free Income Tax Assistance

TPHIM is offering FREE income tax assistance on Saturdays from 10:00am – 2:00pm in the first class room in the main corridor. This service is on […]

Contribution Statements

Please contact the receptionist at (904) 695-0181 if you would like a copy.

Perry Outreach Program

The Perry Outreach Program is a free, one-day, hands-on experience for high school and college-aged women who are interested in pursuing careers in medicine and engineering

JEA Assistance – Age 60 and Over

Elder Source has much to offer seniors, persons with disabilities and caregivers’ seeking assistance and their ultimate goal is to provide service, resources and support so […]

Feb 03

Feb 03 “How To Get Water From The Rock” Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin

Rephidim was a dry, arid, barren place with nothing to sustain life; yet God called it a place of rest. In this thought provoking message from […]