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August 22nd - Back to School Giveaway and Outreach

August 22nd – Back to School Giveaway and Outreach

We are asking for your help to donate and/or sponsor a student for Backpacks and school supplies to fill then up, as we prepare students from […]

Financial Stewardship

If you need help resisting the urge to overspend or properly manage your finances during the holiday season or in general, we are offering Financial Stewardship […]

King Pins Bowling Center

King Pins is preparing for football season and will be offering “Season Ticket” specials. The specials will include promotional food items, free games, chances to win […]

Foster Parents Needed

The Family Support Services of North Florida is looking for parents who would love to be foster parents. For more information contact Sis. Farrah Albertise at […]

Teachers & Administrators

Lady Narlene McLaughlin is seeking public school teachers and administrators for an important matter concerning our children. For more information, contact

Helps Ministry Back-To-School Clean Up

The Helps Ministry needs volunteers to help spruce up both school campuses before school begins.

Jul 24

Jul 24 “Living Courageously” Friday Impact Night

Something has gone terribly wrong in our culture when a man who has chosen to become a woman receives a standing ovation for receiving the Arthur […]

Jul 22

Jul 22 “Keep Thinking With Me” Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin

When God said to Israel, “Come and let us reason together,” He was simply saying, “Come on, and think with me.”

Jul 19

Jul 19 “Think With Me” Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin

The Lord wants us to reason with Him and use our minds to carefully consider who He is and what He has done for us.