Economic Empowerment

The Potter’s House International Ministries is raising the standard and fulfilling the call of God to empower His people. Under the anointed leadership of founder and pastor, Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin, The Potter’s House ministry has responded to our Lord’s command in Luke 19:13, to “occupy till I come,” which literally means to “do the work of a banker, to barter or to trade.” From our inception, we have remained faithful to the vision of establishing a holistic ministry that meets the needs of the total man – spiritually, physically and socially – without compromising the powerful message of the gospel of Jesus Christ! By the grace of God, The Potter’s House has garnered a reputation of transforming a community through spiritual development and economic empowerment. Our efforts have been featured in many leading national and international publications – including the Wall Street Journal, Charisma Magazine, Ministries Today, Leadership Journal, Rev. Magazine and many more.

The key ingredient in our successful economic empowerment efforts is found in the principle of SYNERGY, where the sum total of all individual parts equals more than the individual parts alone. We recognized from the beginning that transforming a community involves bringing new projects to a community while pulling out what’s already in the community. And, essential to extracting the vital resources from a community is recognizing and mobilizing the diverse gifts and talents of the people who make up that community. As Bishop McLaughlin often says, “Everything we need is in the house!”

The Potter’s House Multiplex – a 41,000 square foot building that combines businesses, administrative offices and ministries – is an excellent example of synergy in motion. This formerly abandoned Southern Bell phone center building was purchased and completely renovated by church members. By utilizing the resources within our congregation, hundreds of thousands of dollars were saved. The result of our efforts was the development of a state-of-the-art facility that became a model for community restoration worldwide.

The Multiplex serves as an incubator for a number of member-owned enterprises that could not have afforded the prime commercial space available to them during the critical start-up phase of their businesses. The Multiplex became the prototype for our largest acquisition thus far; just 3 blocks up the street lay the 394,000 square foot abandoned Normandy Mall.

We purchased this 394,000 square foot building sitting on 48 acres for 4 million dollars and it is now valued at over 30 million dollars. It houses a 4000+ seat auditorium, 1000 seat youth church, a 12,000 square foot nursery facility and numerous executive offices, conference rooms, recording studio and much more all with the latest in high technology. There are now over 25 stores in the Kingdom Plaza Mall including The Potter’s House Soul Food Bistro serving all of North Florida and South Georgia. Also open is a state of the art fitness center called Temple Builders equipped with lap swimming pool and every amenity possible. The mall also is the home to Eden Spa and Salons, a full service day spa with the latest in spa equipment. There is also a cosmic lit 22 lane Bowling alley called King Pins with fully equipped game room, a jewelry store, men’s fashion store, tee shirt shop, pro bowl shop, computer store, music equipment store, health food store, medical supplies store, insurance company, realty offices, barber shop, Job Corps, full day care and pre-school center, two academies, and much more. This all done by the grace of God and to God be the glory.